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PreK Program Options

Must be  4-years old by Sept. 1st. for all Pre-K classes

  •      3-Day Classes for Pre-K:  M/W/F 9:15-11:45

  •      4-Day Classes for Pre-K: M-TH 9:15-11:45

  •      5-day Classes for Pre-K: M-F 9:15-11:45

Extended day Options

  • 3-Day Classes for Pre-K:  M/W/F 9:15-12:45

  • 4-Day Classes for Pre-K: M-TH 9:15-12:45    

  • 5-day Classes for Pre-K: M-F 9:15-12:45

  •  Circle time gives children the opportunity to listen to stories, sing songs and do finger play.  In the PreK classes children will participate in story prediction and  talking about the different parts of the story to help develop critical thinking skills. Some activities might include: calendar, weather, letter of the week and show and tell.

  • Opportunities for letter practice  help children become more familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds. 

  •   Science experiments  in the PreK class will help children further explore the environment around them. Children are  encouraged to make predictions and talk about what happened in their experiment.

  • Art will have a variety of materials available. From paint, glue, scissors and more children are given the opportunity to express their creativity and strengthen their fine motor skills.

  • Free choice play offers the opportunity for children to explore many things: from blocks, small manipulatives and much more!


  • Through play children will build, sort, count, use their imagination and practice social skills all while having fun with friends. Some activities may include: playdough, blocks, dramatic play, toys, etc

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